Our History

In our history, we have continuously and uninterruptedly expanded our network, mainly through acquisitions of recognized regional brands in both hospital and dental healthcare. Besides, we believe we have the agility to integrate operations, capture synergies and efficiently manage our integrated supplementary health model.

  1. 2017

    In October 2017, Athena Saúde Group completed the acquisition of the Med Imagem Group (“GMI”), a medical referral center in the state of Piauí. The acquisition of GMI consisted of the purchase of 4 hospitals and 2 traditional health insurance operators in the region.

  2. 2018

    In June 2018, Athena Saúde Group acquired a traditional hospital located in the metropolitan region of Vitória / ES. Vitória Apart Hospital (“VAH”), marked the beginning of the Athena Group’s operations in the southeastern region of Brazil and brought 231 more hospital beds to its structure.

  3. 2019

    In 2019, the acquisition of the health operator SAMP was concluded, thus, new 263 thousand beneficiaries were incorporated and its performance in the state solidified as expressive through the verticalization of the operation. There was also the acquisition of the Multivida Group, composed of Santa Rita Saúde and Bom Samaritano de Maringá Hospital, both references in the provision of health services in the South region, which include more than 85 thousand beneficiaries, one hospital and 192 beds.

  4. 2020

    In 2020, we surpassed the mark of 700,000 health beneficiaries, with an increase of 45.4% per year. Contracts were signed with four operations, which include the acquisition of the Coração de Natal Hospital, a reference in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, and of Unihosp, operator of health plans in Maranhão. These acquisitions, in addition to representing strong operational growth that will enable significant synergies, allow a strong geographical expansion and operationally strengthen the regions of the existing operations.

  5. 2021

    In 2021, Athena Saúde announces the acquisition of the Sempre Vida Group, which includes the Sempre Vida health plan and the Marechal Cândido Rondon Hospital, in addition to the Fátima Saúde Plan, which is headquartered in the city of Caxias do Sul (RS) and has a solid presence in the Serra Gaúcha.

  6. 2021