The Athena Group has been adopting institutional practices and initiatives on environmental management in hospitals, clinics and other undertakings that are part of the group. We carry out activities to raise awareness of waste generation, water and energy consumption, among other topics for our employees. In addition, we have tried to standardize your contracts with specialized companies duly licensed by environmental agencies. When hiring its contractors, we adopt good practices to verify the environmental regularity of companies and we seek to monitor the provision of services to verify the absence of irregularities. We also prioritize the adoption of waste management procedures through the elaboration of a Management Health Services Waste Plan required by environmental and health authorities.

Vitória Apart Hospital and SAMP, both members of the Athena Group located in Vitória (ES), recently opened new more sustainable units, which feature LED lighting, modern and water-efficient hydraulic installations, equipment with low energy consumption, integrated service provision contracts (such as laundry, cleaning, security, environmental services, among others) and the promotion of environmental campaigns, such as in relation to the efficient consumption of paper.

In addition, SAMP has a telemedicine program, with a view to reducing consumption of paper and other materials used in face-to-face service, in addition to reducing other costs for beneficiaries, such as transportation. She also donated kits with products for the beneficiaries in their emergency care units, containing a mask, alcohol gel, medicine and makeup bag. VAH, on the other hand, has migrated to the Free Energy Contracting Environment since 2016, generating savings of approximately 30%, and also has a renewable energy certificate from 2020 with proof of more than 2,031 tons of greenhouse gases avoided with the contracting the purchase of energy from renewable sources.


Collective care

From a difficult period, more solidarity is born. The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 brought several challenges for everyone. However, the social, environmental and corporate actions that had a strong impact on Athena Saúde’s stakeholders stood out in the last year due to the focus on sustainability and the involvement of all the holding company’s brands.

As examples, we can quote: significant donations to mitigate the social and economic effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; decisive support for projects related to health, the conscious consumption of energy and water and the reduction of impacts on the environment; and adaptation of regular course programs, within the scope of the internal public, to online formats (for example), in addition to actions to prevent the new coronavirus that made the difference.


With attention to the protection and safety measures of people, always with the objective of preserving jobs, collaborating with the communities in which it operates and establishing safe alternatives for serving customers and partners, Athena Saúde also advances in corporate governance to guide the strategic vision, integrate the actions and enable a more effective and structured performance.

Athena Saúde Actions

Athena Saúde’s actions favored the mitigation of social problems aggravated by the deepening of the economic crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, the group’s regional units donated almost 130 tons of food to a series of social institutions, which support people in situations of vulnerability. In addition, hospital supplies were also donated to institutions that help improve people’s health and support entities that work to improve the situation of these people from an economic point of view, such as many tons of cardboard for recycling projects.

Other issues were also actions and programs aimed at the health and well-being of thousands of Athena Saúde employees, in order to contribute to improving the quality of life at work, especially in a challenging period, facing a pandemic, which has been demanding efforts increasing numbers of all health professionals.

Regional Nordeste (donations made in Piauí)

Objective: mitigating the social impacts resulting from the economic crisis aggravated by Covid-19, the actions of this region prioritized the donation of food and items related to the improvement of the health of the population affected in this region.

Some actions were:

  • Donation and distribution of 17 tons of food to 4 institutions located in Teresina (PI): Acolher H. Dobal Institute, House of Acolhimento Reencontro, Jeovah Jireh Foundation and Northeast Brazilian Union of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • Donation of 27 hospital beds to the Teresina City Hall Campaign Hospital, Padre Pedro Balzi.

  • Destination of 1.2 ton of paper and cardboard for associations of recyclable waste pickers assisted by the Teresina City Hall.

  • Donations of items such as diapers, masks, cleaning supplies, hygiene products and pandemic kits to charities.

Regional Espírito Santo

Objective: support the local community to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic through basic food items and hospital supplies for institutions. Internally, highlighting issues in favor of employee health and architecture with more environmentally friendly structures, such as the option for water reuse, for example.

Some actions were:

  • 5,000 reais are donated every month to the Ponte Institute – OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest), founded in 2014, to link potential donors and social programs in the area of education for low-income teenagers.

  • 1.4 ton of food was donated to needy communities affected by the pandemic and who are linked to the Association of residents of the community of Boa Vista II, in Vitória.

  • 243 tons of recyclable waste were donated to the Recyclable Material Collectors Association – RecuperLixo. The institution benefits 19 associated families and prevents the waste from being taken to landfills.

  • Support to the Bike VV project of Tembici, a bicycle sharing company, for better quality of life for people and to improve urban mobility.Integration of actions – Samp and Vitória Apart Hospital Work Quality of Life Programs and calendar of events were integrated between the two brands to optimize resources and maximize results. The actions carried out by Occupational and Preventive Medicine were aimed at preventing illnesses of employees:

– White January: Lectures to warn about issues related to mental health.

– Movement Day: Basic exams carried out in March with the objective of knowing the health profile of employees.

– Dietary reeducation and weight control (April): a mutritionist clarified doubts and gave tips on a balanced diet.

– Exclusive practice: Creation of a space to serve VAH and Samp employees.

– Yellow September: Campaign to raise awareness and prevent suicide.

– Pink October: Initiative to remember about women’s health and highlight the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer.

– Blue November: Action created to highlight the importance of men’s health care and reinforce the early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

  • In support of the donation campaign for rain victims, Samp and VAH provided collection points for the receipt of clothes, shoes, non-perishable supplies, water, among others. 600 pieces of different clothing were collected, 40 pairs of shoes, 150 liters of cleaning products, 90 items of personal hygiene, 59 school utensils and 1260 bottles of 500 milliliters of water. The donations were delivered to the Legislative Assembly, from where the distributions were made to the Municipalities in the South of the State.

  • Works in the cafeteria of VAH employees: Fluorescent lighting was replaced by LED; acquisition of water and energy efficient equipment; and installation of taps with aerators to reduce water consumption.

  • Certification of the VAH Breastfeeding Support Room: The initiative received a certificate from the Ministry of Health in 2020. The place is intended for working women who wish to continue breastfeeding their children.

Regional Sul

Objective: prioritize the mitigation of the social effects of the worsening economic crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, which affected many families in the region where the company’s units are installed. In this sense, the main action was the donation of food (food baskets) to a series of social institutions operating in the region..

Below, some relevant numbers of the actions:

In 2020, donation of 90 tons of food (4,500 baskets) to 21 institutions in 10 municipalities in Paraná.

– In 2021, 12 tons (600 basic food baskets) have been donated to 4 institutions in three municipalities in Paraná and one in Rio Grande do Sul.